Kim and John

I had so much fun with Erin on this shoot. We went and took pictures at the Windsor and then drove to Merkel. Merkel is awesome people for backgrounds! Kim and John are so cute and so easy to take photos of. They are getting married this summer:)

One of my favorites below. The lighting was AMAZING!

And our cute friend for a while:)


Danielle and Jonathon

This was another shoot with the sweet and talented Erin Woosley! Here is a picture of her and did I mention how much I love this girl? Well I do! Danielle and Jonathon were so fun to shoot and look at all the fun props that brought along. 

Mrs. Erin Woosley!

Danielle and Jonathon




Holiday 2008

I had a wonderful holiday week! I got to take pictures with my new camera of my family/models:) Thank you who all participated! 


Corrie And Shane

I had the pleasure of joining Erin Woosley in shooting Corrie and Shane's engagements with her. Corrie is actually a friend and happens to be my supervisor as well. What a blessing she is in my life! Shane and Corrie were so much fun to take pictures of. They kept Erin and me laughing during the shoot which is always a plus. They are getting married in May and it is going to be beautiful. I mean look that them! 

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